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Tips on how to deal with year-end fatigue

Dec 8, 2021 | Education, Health, Mental Health | 2 comments

At this point in the year many of us are experiencing feelings of heightened anxiety, sleeplessness, overwhelm and exhaustion. Year-end fatigue is REAL, and describes the loss of motivation and energy to complete day to day tasks. It also includes struggling to concentrate, forgetfulness, boredom, depression and feeling a lot more irritable than usual. This is also a time of the year where so many of us feel extra pressure to perform at work because of deadlines and things needing to be wrapped up.

There’s also the pressure that comes with the festive and holiday season, like shopping, family gatherings and commitments as well as financial pressure! All of this contributes to year-end fatigue, which can start setting in as early as the beginning of October or September. If any of this resonates, know that you’re not alone and that it’s okay! We have a few tips below on how to cope with year-end fatigue:

1)  Sleep, sleep, sleep

Trying to create a routine or adjusting an existing routine so you’re able to get a minimum of 8 hours of deep sleep is essential. Struggling to sleep while dealing with year-end fatigue is common, so taking calcium and magnesium supplements, or vitamins B, D and E can assist with this. Always make sure to speak a doctor first before taking supplements too so they can recommend the correct dosage.

2)  Be intentional with what you’re eating and drinking

This is a great time to lessen the amount of caffeine you’re ingesting. Remember, caffeine isn’t only found in coffee but some tea’s too. Eating food rich in iron can be very helpful, and trying to stay away from processed and fast foods (although not the easiest this time of the year) is highly recommended!

3) Cut down on social media

This time of the year can take us down a comparison spiral as a lot of people are showcasing their achievements and successes from the year. Although this is great and our achievements should always be celebrated, it can have many people comparing themselves and their lives to other now more than ever. Aside from this, generally social media can worsen year-end fatigue if you’re using it as a distraction by mindlessly scrolling because it can be extremely draining.

4) Focus less on work and productivity

Doing this sooner rather than later can help prevent a burn out, and free up a significant amount of mental and emotional space too. If you’re really struggling to cope you could ask a co-worker to help you with your workload, or if you’re comfortable enough you can speak to your manager about lessening your daily tasks. We understand that every work environment, job, and personal financial situation is different. So, this won’t be easy or practical for everyone. But, you do need to put yourself first at some point even if that looks like just taking one or two sick days at the very least.

5) Give yourself a genuine break!

Look at how far you’ve come and grown this year. Even if you didn’t achieve anything you set out to or only a few things, it’s perfectly fine. Our lives aren’t meant to be constant to-do-lists, going from one goal to the next. We’re in the midst of a two-year long pandemic, the fact that you’re alive is more than enough!


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