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The History of the Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are all the rage right now and are becoming more popular each day. But where do menstrual cups come from and how long have they actually been around? I'm sure many of us feel like they've just popped out of nowhere, but there's actually quite a bit...

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What is Greenwashing and 5 Ways to Identify it

Corporations have realised the power of marketing themselves as environmentally conscious as more consumers are becoming aware of their purchasing power and aligning the companies they support with their values. A 2015 study by Nielson found that 66% of people are...

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5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Period Stains

How many times have you thrown away underwear or an item of clothing because of period stains? More times than you can remember right? Menstruation comes with its fair share of curveballs each month, the obvious and most talked about being the cramps, cravings and...

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