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What’s up with period poop?!

If you've had your period for some time you've probably noticed a pattern with your bowel movements each month too. Suddenly, there are a few noticeable changes with your poop, like how frequently you poop, the smell might get significantly worse, and the...

Education, Sex, Sexual Health

PEP vs PrEP: What you NEED to know!

When it comes to sexual health, knowledge is power and it could even save a life! September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and this week we're focusing on the importance of PEP and PrEP. If you've never heard of these terms you're in the right place, as we'll be...

Education, Menstrual Cup, Periods

Tips for swimming while on your period!

Summer's here, and as the warmer month's and festive season approach a lot of people are going to want to cool off with a swim! Having your period in the summer heat is the worst especially when you want to swim but because you're menstruating you're hesitant or...

Education, Periods

8 Ways to talk to your children about periods!

Did you know in South Africa, over 7 million girls and children who menstruate don’t have access to sanitary products? I’m Joe, from the international educational publisher, Twinkl. Twinkl was founded in 2010, with a goal of ‘helping those who teach’. We do this by...


What do the different Pride flags mean?

Most of us are familiar with the rainbow colored Pride flag which is widely known to represent the LGBTQIA+ community. This flag has been around since the late 1970s! Today, there are over 50 different Pride flags with different meanings. In this blog, we have a...

Education, Health, Sex, Sexual Health

5 tips for SAFE Cunnilingus!

Cunnilingus, also known as 'going down', or 'eating out' is the act of performing oral sex on someone that has a vulva. For individuals with a vulva, Cunnilingus can be extremely pleasurable, and in some cases it's one of the best ways for them to experience an...

Education, Sex, Sexual Health

A beginner’s guide to anal sex!

Generally speaking, sex is a highly stigmatised and taboo topic, and when it comes to anal sex the amount of stigma increases tenfold! Today, we're discussing what you need to know about anal sex in order to have a safe, comfortable and pleasurable experience.We...

Education, Health, Periods

Period cravings explained!

Period cravings are NO joke! They can be extremely overwhelming, and their intensity next level. They'll have you craving the strangest food combinations at the oddest hours, and doing whatever it takes to have your cravings satisfied. But, what causes period...


The importance of Freedom Day in South Africa

Every year since 1995, South Africa has celebrated Freedom Day. It's one of the most important Public Holidays because of what it represents and how it has shaped democratic South Africa. On 27 April 1994, the very first democratic elections took place in South...

Education, Health, Periods, Reproductive Health, Sex

7 tampon myths busted!

We understand how it feels to want to use tampons for the first time, but because of all of the scary stories you've heard you're just terrified. - This a lot more common than you might think! The thought of putting something inside your body when you're unsure...

Education, Health, Sex, Sexual Health

5 sex toy myths explained!

Sex toys are devices or objects that can be used to increase sexual pleasure during masturbation or when having sex with someone. Worldwide, the sex toy industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! However, there's still way TOO much shame and stigma attached to...

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