Sheba is a proudly South African brand made by women, revolutionising the way people who menstruate, experience periods and rediscover pride in their bodies. Sheba is creating a space to access reproductive and sexual health education to improve how we care for ourselves, and the environment. REVOLUTIONISING REPRODUCTIVE & SEXUAL HEALTHCARE SEE OUR BLOG Sheba is providing safer, organic and biodegradable menstrual hygiene products and complimentary products. Our ethos is for healthier products & is designed by women- to protect your vagina & the planet. PROTECTING THE PLANET
We believe in Menstruation Rights- the RIGHT to menstrual health education, hygienic toilet facilities, and menstrual care products. Through our ‘Pay for a Pal’ program, we give you the ability to impact another girls life by providing her with the menstrual products she needs to stay in school when she menstruates- instead of missing school. Long term this means more educated and empowered women in South Africa. HELP A YOUNG GIRL

Hi! I'm Zizipho!

During my six-day period at the beginning of 2017, curiosity suddenly got the better of me and I began to ask myself some difficult questions about the sanitary products I was using. What was in the sanitary products I was using? Who was on the other side of the companies that produced these products used by people that menstruate? And what impact did these products have on the environment? Click on the above image for more information.

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