• We recently got an interesting and necessary question in our Instagram comments this week and knew we HAD to write on it- (Shoutout to @rebone_mm...

  • There are many names we call this monthly cycle we go through as females - The Red Tide, Your Womanly Time or Your Period - all of which are used...

  • As a person that menstruates has it ever occurred to you that your usual box of sanitary products doesn’t have an ingredient label? We know you’...

  • While you may go on holiday, your period does not. This means that you may be forced to accommodate an extra traveler, Ma Flo. You might even hav...

Hi! I'm Zizipho!

During my six-day period at the beginning of 2016, curiosity suddenly got the better of me and I began to ask myself some difficult questions about the sanitary products I was using. What was in the sanitary products I was using? Who was on the other side of the companies that produced these products used by women? And what impact did these products have on the environment? Click on the above image for more information.

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