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3 Ways To Deal With Being an Ecoholic

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over the environmental work you do to the point where you don't have time for anything or anyone else? Or, do you know someone like this? When you're very passionate about something and thoroughly believe in the work you're doing...

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Education, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health

What is MRKH syndrome?

This week we're focusing on a condition that not many people know about. Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome impacts 1 in 4500 vulva-owners. People with MRKH have an absent or underdeveloped uterus and vagina. The reason why the name is so long, and such a...

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Earth, Education

Is Conscious Consumerism Really the Solution?

This week we introduced the eco-term conscious consumerism on our social media pages. Conscious consumerism refers to a movement where consumers deliberately make purchasing decisions they believe will have a positive social, environmental or economic impact....

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8 Menstrual Cup Myths Busted

Myths and misconceptions about menstrual cups are almost as popular as menstrual cups themselves! There's a lot of fear surrounding menstrual cups, how they work and how they impact the body. In this post, we bust and explain eight common and a few uncommon myths...

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