Our Story

Sheba was started in 2017,

as a reaction towards commercial menstrual care products containing tons of harsh chemicals and plastic. These products are are not only harmful to people that menstruate, but to the environment as well. We use 11 000 feminine hygiene products in our lifetime and they end up in landfills. Our organic cotton and biodegradable feminine hygiene product range ensures that we are living sustainably and responsibly.

Our main targets are:

1 – HEALTH: An alternative product line which
does not cause skin irritation / allergies & does not use harmful ingredients

2 – ENVIRONMENT: An alternative product line
made from natural materials and whose
production has less of an impact on the
environment. Product is also biodegradable and packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

3 – SOCIAL COMMITMENT: We promote asustainable lifestyle that manifests as a social commitment to do better for the feminine hygiene sector. We also promote menstruation education and the destigmatisation of menstruation.

We at Sheba want to normalise dialogue around periods specifically and instead of it being a taboo, we want these lived experiences to be mainstream. More than half the world’s population will likely experience a period in their lifetime, so then why is this normal, natural process shamed?

Our purpose at Sheba is to empower people that menstruate. This is done through a series of educational frameworks such as workshops, online videos, blog posts and other innovative ways. We hope that these tools will allow you to make more informed decisions when purchasing their sanitary products. Our vision is simple: healthy, educated, liberated and conscious people. We want to make a social change.