Pay For A Pal’s Pads Programme

Sheba believes that each and every person is able to make a change. That is why we’ve made it easier for our community to make a change in the life of a disadvantaged girl.

In Pay For A Pal’s Pads programme we visit various schools in disadvantaged and rural areas around South Africa and host educational sessions on menstruation, consent and body positivity. During these sessions we allow the girls to ask questions and speak to our facilitators about the challenges they face socially. It is our aim to leave the girls more comfortable with their bodies and equipped with the knowledge of how to handle their periods, the changes their bodies may go through, consent and empowered to believe in themselves. 

We do not believe that simply giving pads is enough. Instead we aim to also equip young girls around South Africa with various tools that will help them navigate life. You can help us by purchasing Sheba pads at a subsidised rate. We then donate these pads to the schools in our programme. This is to ensure that our community is making a holistic change.


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