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My First Period

There are many names we call this monthly cycle we go through as females - The Red Tide, Your Womanly Time or Your Period - all of which are used to express that you are going through menstruation.

For decades it has been a topic almost everybody shys away from. We would like knock down those negative stereotypes about your menstrual cycle. Here at Sheba we want to celebrate every woman in their own right, celebrate their differences and similarities, and create a safe space to answer all those nagging, and often embarrassing, questions all women have.s. We are that best friend that can hold your secrets and insecurities under lock and key.

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What’s actually in your box???

As a person that menstruates has it ever occurred to you that your usual box of sanitary
products doesn’t have an ingredient label? We know you’re probably having a look right
now… Yes, we told you. Your shampoo has an ingredient label, so do products such as your
deodorant, so why is it that a product that has contact with one of the most absorbent parts
of your body have no ingredient label? And without an ingredient label how do you know
what your sanitary products are made from or what they contain?

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