How to set yourself up as a Manifestation Queen in 2021

Manifestation is not new, it is not difficult and it is definitely possible for you. Manifesting has been around for as long as thought has been around. Manifestation is about the overall joy, flow and ease of each one of our lives. Did you know that you have been manifesting this entire time since your birth?  Yes, you have, you just didn’t consciously know it.  So, it is about time to start manifesting with purpose and no longer by accident.

Manifestation is simple and it only requires you to actively participate and play with the Universe. The rules are simple, want to know why? Because you make up the rules for your life. You are in charge and you get to decide how you go through life and the experience you get to have.

Okay okay, I promise I will give you some actual “rules” till you get comfortable and confident enough to believe in your own rules. Manifestation is simple like I keep saying. Let’s do the steps and get you to believe that “the Universe has your back” as manifestation guru Gabby Bernstein says.

The first thing in any manifestation process is: Get super clear about what you want and why you want it. Now this doesn’t have to be something that is for charity or a cause or any of those things it can be anything that your heart desires, because as Amanda Frances says “the desires of your heart were put there by God or the Universe”.  So, do you have your desire? Why do you want that thing? Once again, why do YOU want it? How will it serve you in the purest and most magical way?

Perfect, now let’s observe our thoughts. All the thoughts that say you can’t have that, it’s crazy, who are you to want that? Yes, all those messy thoughts that we know is just the ego trying to protect us. Now don’t run away from those thoughts, sit with them. Journal it out if you want. Write all the crazy, wild, mean, ultimately untrue thoughts out and then reframe them. Make them the positive, true ones. Now each time the crazy limiting thought pops into your head, simply pick the next best positive thought you can think of.

You will soon start to believe in the positive thoughts that are in alignment with who you truly are. Next, you can stay in the vibration of those positive thoughts. We do this by releasing fear and worry and most importantly the HOW. How is it possible? How will it happen? How can I make it happen? The HOW is not your problem let the Universe do some heavy lifting on your behalf. All you need to do is stay in your vibe, surrender your how and take some inspired action, the Universe/God will show you guidance on how to better align yourself with your manifestations, stay open to the guidance and take it when it comes.

Lastly stay in the joy, fun, ease and play of life as you wait to RECEIVE your beautiful, magical Manifestations! May all your Manifestations come to fruition in the most magical and beautiful way for your life.

With love, light and kindness