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5 tips for conscious gifting this Christmas

Dec 17, 2020 | Earth, Education | 0 comments

Christmas and the festive season have become a time of extreme excess. Shopping malls are filled to the brim with people trying to take advantage of the latest sale or searching tirelessly for a gift to get a loved one for Christmas. It’s a time that’s now centered around acquiring as much stuff as possible more than anything else. Most of us were conditioned with this materialistic mindset from childhood, as well as the belief that the more things you acquire the happier you’ll be.

But with the minimalist movement gaining so much traction in recent years and sustainable and waste-free living becoming more mainstream, a lot of people have started to realise just how much of an impact their purchases have on the earth, their health and the health of others.

In light of this, we created 6 ways in which you can be more sustainable with your gifting choices this Christmas. These tips can also be applied to birthdays or any other occasion associated with gifts.

Quality over quantity

A phrase synonymous with the minimalist movement. Choose high quality products that are guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years, instead of cheaper products that aren’t guaranteed to last a year. This can be daunting to some because they’re reluctant to spend so much money all at once. But in the long run, it’s the cheaper option as there’s less chance of the product malfunctioning or breaking and potentially having to repurchase it. I mean we’ve all been in this situation, you think you’re saving a buck by buying the cheaper option, but more often than not you end up spending more because something goes wrong, and are forced to repurchase or have it repaired. It’s more sustainable to your pocket and the earth to save up for a few months or even years to ensure that you’re getting the very best.

Experiences vs things

If you’re struggling with what gift to get someone or you don’t want to purchase a material possession, gifting someone an experience is the next best option. It can be made even more special if you share the experience with them. This can also be extended to purchasing a membership, course or an e-voucher for your loved one. These are really innovative ways to make an impact in someone’s life without adding more stuff to it.

Buy second hand

Purchasing second hand is a great option when it comes to sustainability. You’re giving something a new home and a new life that would’ve most likely just ended up in a landfill. Despite many people being apprehensive about getting someone a second hand gift for an occasion like Christmas, there are many high quality products available at second hand stores all over the country at a fraction of the retail store price. There’s also a higher chance that you’ll find something really unique in comparison to conventional stores where most things are just replicas of one another.

DIY gifts and homemade food

Adding some extra effort, time and love into creating a gift is always a winner! Generally, people love it when they’re given DIY gifts because it shows that they hold such a special place in your life that you’re willing to spend your time creating something with them in mind.  Food is always a winner, I mean who wouldn’t want their favourite dish, snack or dessert gifted to them on Christmas? Just ensure that you’re aware if they have any specific dietary requirements.

 Wrapping paper

To wrap this list up😊 we’re going to talk a bit about the importance of eco-friendly wrapping paper. Each year tonnes of wrapping paper gets purchased and discarded instantaneously once gifts are exchanged. Most conventional wrapping paper can’t be recycled as they’re lined with plastic and one’s with glitter, tape or other embellishments on them also can’t be recycled. There are an abundance of alternatives at our disposal if we just get a little creative, like using newspaper, cloth, fabric or filler paper from delivery boxes.


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