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June is widely recognised as youth month in South Africa, as it commemorates the Soweto Uprising led by school students on June 16, 1976. What was meant to be a peaceful protest against the Apartheid government’s policies to make Afrikaans and English the medium of instruction at schools, turned into a brutal massacre where over 500 school children were killed.

South Africa has come a long way since then, but the youth still face many issues like soaring unemployment rates, gender-based violence and climate change to name just a few. Today, we highlight 3 youth-led organisations that are mobilising the youth and their communities to make a sustainable difference!

1) African Climate Alliance:

This is a youth-led group that advocates for climate, ecological and social justice. They do this through providing Afrocentric environmental education and action, while creating a safe and inclusive space for African youth. ACA believes in Afrocentric climate justice which is a combination of social, environmental and climate change justice. They host online and in-person workshops, train ambassadors and climate change activists and they amplify youth voices through advocacy.

2) Mindful(l) Organisation:

Mindful(l) was founded by Mbali Shongwe after experiencing her own mental health challenges. Mbali started Mindful(l) to create a safe space and a supportive community for the youth so that no one has to go through their mental health journey alone. Mindful(l) understands that access to mental health resources and support in South Africa is limited for most of the population, especially the youth. With this in mind they try to bridge this gap and make resources accessible to everyone, not just a few. They host workshops and talks with the aim to remove the stigma around mental health and mental health conditions.

3) Girls Against Oppression:

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve come across the GAO page at least once. Girls Against Oppression is an organisation dedicated to fighting gender-based violence in South Africa. They do this through educational posts and videos on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. They also frequently collaborate with other GBV organisations such as Rape Crisis and Gender Rights in Tech (formerly known as Kwanele South Africa). A big focus for GAO is uncovering and explaining myths and misinformation relating to GBV as well as sexual and reproductive health education.


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