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What’s in period blood?

Aug 3, 2023 | Education, Health, Periods, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health | 0 comments

Aside from blood, what else is in period blood? If you’ve had your period for a while you’ve most likely noticed that it’s not just blood coming out of the vagina, but also other tissue and discharge. Let’s clarify and explain in a bit more detail!

The soft tissue or clots that come with period blood are not something to be concerned about. It’s just the uterine lining that’s being shed because the egg hasn’t been fertilised, which is the reason you’re getting your period in the first place. Sometimes these clumps of tissue may feel weird coming out of the vagina and they’re especially common during the days when your flow is the heaviest, but it’s perfectly normal to experience.

There are some secretions or discharge from the cervix and uterus that can also be found in period blood. These secretions are made up of water, sodium and potassium. They help to prevent the growth of bad bacteria by maintaining the pH balance. The unfertilised egg also leaves the uterus through period blood.

Lastly, period blood contains bacteria because of how moist your vagina becomes. Again, this is 100% normal and isn’t a cause for concern. If this good bacteria gets out of balance you might be susceptible to infection but this is rare. However, if you do notice anything, it’s best to consult a medical professional.


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