Broken, Still- A stunning photographic exhibition by Tshepo Seboko

We’re honoured to have visual artist, photographer and disability activist Tshepo Seboko share his photographic project “Broken, Still” with us. Here’s more background on Tshepo and his work in his own words:

The project “Broken, Still” is inspired by me traveling and seeing broken buildings. I often wonder what their previous state was and why they are abandoned. They were built for a purpose and seemingly no longer serve that purpose. They are often out in the open, and in their ugliness display a certain beauty. They are almost forgotten, but still stand strong in their broken state.

I am Tshepo Seboko, from Soweto. A 32-year-old visual artist and disability activist. I’ve been living with a disability since 2008 as a result of a gunshot. In my art, I’d love to portray the beauty of Africa to the world. In my activism I seek to educate and inspire all about disability.






Tshepo Seboko