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How to have a plastic free period with the Sheba Feminine product range!

Jul 6, 2022 | Earth, Education, Menstrual Cup, Periods | 0 comments

It’s Plastic Free July, and we’re here to help you discover ways to make your period plastic free! Did you know that conventional pads are made from up to 90% plastic? The amount of plastic in some packs of pads are even equivalent to 4 bags of plastic. Up to 6% of tampons can be made from plastic, and plastic can even be found in the withdrawal cord! The impact of all of this plastic is devastating to the environment. We shared on our Instagram this week that over 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year which includes menstrual products. The Sheba Feminine product range is plastic free, making it not only a better alternative for the earth but also for your body.

Sheba Feminine ultra-soft menstrual cups:


Our ultra-soft menstrual cups are an excellent plastic free period solution! They can last up to TEN years with proper care and require very little maintenance. Can you imagine not having to spend money on menstrual products for an entire DECADE?! This isn’t only great for the environment, but it will also save you money in the long run. Plus, our cups are made from the softest, premium, medical-grade silicone. It’s so comfortable you could easily forget that it’s inserted!

Our ultra-soft cups come in two sizes; the Oshun Blue cup is 15ml – 20ml (Size A) and the Kitaka Coral cup is 30ml – 35ml (Size B). They’re free from ALL toxins or chemicals, including parabens, bleaches, latex or phthalates. We have an entire page dedicated to our ultra-soft menstrual cups on our website, as well as common FAQs, and a range of blog posts discussing everything you need to know about using our ultra-soft cups!

Sheba Feminine ultra-thin pads, non-applicator tampons and anatomical pantyliners:


The rest of the Sheba Feminine range is 100% plastic and chemical free and biodegradable. Our ultra-thin Day and Night pads are individually wrapped in biopolymer (a natural alternative to plastic) wrapping and have a biopolymer backsheet. Our non-applicator tampons come in three absorbencies; regular, super and super plus. They’re made from 100% organic cotton and the withdrawal cord is made from cotton. The Sheba Feminine anatomical pantyliners are also made from 100% organic cotton, have a biopolymer backsheet and an absorbent core of 100% organic cotton.

Sheba Feminine ultra-soft bamboo intimate wet wipes:

15pc Sheba wet wipes             50pc Sheba wet wipes

The latest addition to the Sheba Feminine product range, is our 100% biodegradable intimate wet wipes. They’re safe to use from head to toe and are made from 100% natural, super soft bamboo fibre! They’re alcohol and chemical free, hypoallergenic, suitable for ALL skin types and have no fragrance. Available in two sizes, the travel pack has 15 wipes and is compact enough to keep in a bag or car. The bigger pack has 50 wipes and is great to keep on hand in your bathroom. The ultra-soft bamboo wipes are the perfect addition to any menstrual care routine, and can also be used to wipe down our ultra-soft menstrual cups!


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