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How Period Positivity Changes the Relationship You Have With Your Body

Jul 14, 2021 | Education, Periods, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health | 0 comments

Period positivity is a trendy topic when it comes to de-stigmatising menstruation and breaking menstrual health taboos. Although the name itself can be quite misleading, period positivity doesn’t mean you have to love your period all the time. In fact, everyone experiences their cycle differently and you’re bound to have highs and lows!

Period positivity refers to normalising periods, menstrual health and rights by removing the stigma and shame around menstruation. Through period positivity menstruators are also encouraged to have open conversations about their menstrual experiences, and to be honest with themselves about their own internalised shame and stigma. It could also mean not feeling the need to change a pad or tampon as quietly as possible in the bathroom, or hiding your menstrual care products under groceries while shopping, or hiding your period from your partner, friends or family.

Period positivity can have a profound impact on any menstruators journey to self-love, acceptance, awareness and healing, specifically when it comes to the relationship you have with your body. Below are three ways period positivity can improve the relationship with your body.

The perspective of your body will change:

Period positivity encourages menstruators to unpack their own shame and stigma which none of us are immune to because of the patriarchal world we live in. Menstruators are conditioned like everyone else to be disgusted by periods, that it should be hidden and something to be embarrassed about. However, when you begin to slowly peel back the layers and come to the realisation that none of that is true, the way you see your body will change completely and set the foundation for an improved more harmonious relationship with it.

It can support your health:

Becoming period positive allows you to become more aware of bodily changes before, after or during your period. Having the courage to speak freely to others about your experiences will give you a better idea of what’s normal and what’s not, and when you should go see a doctor. Menstruators also become much better equipped and prepared for natural bodily changes.

Period positivity is linked to body positivity:

Period positivity allows you to be more appreciative of all the things your body does for you. You don’t have to love your period, but with this new awareness you can unashamedly be grateful for how amazing your body is no matter the shape, size or colour! Remember, it’s YOUR body, and the only opinion that matters is your own.



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