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5 tips to make your bedroom more sustainable!

Jul 28, 2022 | Earth, Education | 0 comments

Over the past two weeks we’ve covered how to make your bathroom and kitchen more sustainable with plastic free swaps! Today, we’ll look at how to make your bedroom a little bit more sustainable too. Often, when we think about going zero-waste or trying to reduce our carbon footprint, our bedroom’s aren’t really high on the priority list. However, because we spend so much time in our bedrooms they can become filled with unnecessary stuff, a lot of which can contain plastic.

1) Reduce or eliminate disposable products

Things that only have one use and then need to be thrown away are incredibly wasteful. An example of this is tissues, an item that’s commonly found in bedrooms and can easily be replaced with handkerchief’s.

2) Take a look at your furniture

If you’re considering buying brand new furniture to replace existing furniture check to see if it can be repaired or even upcycled into something new. If these aren’t possible, have a look into buying second hand furniture. There are many antique or vintage stores which have one of a kind pieces at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional retailers.

3) Toys, toys, toys!

If you’re a parent or guardian of younger children, it’s very easy to feel obligated to buy them the latest toys and toy collections. However, most toys on the market are made solely out of plastic or plastic variants. Opting for wooden toys, upcycling broken toys or buying toys second hand are all better options.

4) Re-evaluate your clothing situation

Most people have their go-to items of clothing and outfits, while the majority of the clothes they own hardly get worn or are saved for specific occasions. Have a look through your wardrobe and check what you can donate, give to a friend or loved one or upcycle. Unfortunately plastic can even be found in most clothing items these days, so when considering buying new clothes try to make sure it’s a long term investment and that you’re going for quality, not quantity or trends.

5) Make the switch to more energy-efficient lighting

If you haven’t yet, making the switch from normal light bulbs to LED lighting will save you money in the long run. LED lights not only save energy, but last longer than conventional lights too.


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