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How to handle your period while on holiday

Nov 30, 2018 | Education, Health, Periods | 0 comments

While you may go on holiday, your period does not. This means that you may be forced to accommodate an extra traveler, Ma Flo. You might even have to plan your holiday around her. How selfish can one be?

Menstruation should never keep you from travelling and although it’s annoying, it can be an OK traveling companion. This is how I deal with my period while traveling. If you have any other suggestions, please add them to the comments section. Let’s make this the most helpful guide.

Tip 1 would be to know when your actual period is. This may seem fairly simple, however most of us struggle to keep a track of when our period is. Or is that just me? I usually just feel bloated, my breasts feel sensitive and I occasionally get a few unwelcome pimples. That’s period week! Our bodies are pretty amazing. However, If you don’t get any of these symptoms or are just too unbothered to notice, there are some really helpful apps to help you track and predict your period effectively. It’s important to note that although menstruation cycles are usually 28 days, our periods all vary. Therefore your period may not be on the same day every month. This means that unless you’re on a contraceptive that regulates your menstruation, ALWAYS have some sort of period supplies on you.

I recommend having a period pouch. This pouch should be packed with what you consider to be essential to period care. I have a few tampons, a few pads, and a travel size hand sanitizer. This way I will always to prepared whether I start my period in Durban, South Africa or Milan, Spain. Hopefully it’ll be the latter though.

To pack light? I would recommend you pack enough Sheba products for your entire stay. One can never guarantee if they will get the exact products they’re accustomed to, therefore to be on the safe side pack as much as you will need. This means packing your Sheba soft menstrual cup, tampons, pantyliners and/or pads. If you’re going on a long trip, where you may have your period more than once, think about the fact that your products may take up some space in your luggage. However if you are unable to pack enough for your entire trip, consider that you may have a hard time finding tampons. It’s important to do your research before going in order to become accustomed to the different customs and preferably also research the local words for tampons, pads etc.

Don’t forget your heating pad or painkillers you may use for period cramps! Oh and your period underwear! And lastly, pack comfortable clothing. Sometimes you may get bloated while on your period and tight high-waist jeans will make your day hell. Some Yoga pants and loose-fitting clothing will be your best friend.

The Journey – Long distance plane flights and car rides are an absolute tragedy while on your period, but there are ways to make the journey a little more bearable. On long flights, ensure that you have as many tampons or pads as you need in your carry-on luggage. If you do forget, don’t hesitate you ask one of the air-hostesses, I’m sure they will gladly help

If in a car or bus, I would suggest you bring a few plastic bags, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. This is to ensure that wherever your vehicle may stop, you will always be prepared. Try use your highest absorbency pads for extra precaution, however, your Sheba pads should last you at least 4 hours. However if you’re a tampon user, please don’t forget to change your tampon every few hours. A reminder that the Sheba menstrual cups can be used for up to 12 hours or overnight. If you think you may forget, or if you’re a deep sleeper, set your alarm just to be on the safe side. Where the vehicle stops, be sure to jump out for a toilet run and check, stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air.

You’ve booked yourself into a beautiful seaside villa and then bam, your period joins in on the views. To swim or not to swim? Is that your question? – Although swimming on one’s period is a taboo subject, it is actually very normal, therefore ignore all the myths and SWIM. The period swimwear I would suggest you use are the Sheba tampons or menstrual cup as you will not have to worry about leakage. Be sure to tuck the tampon string into your swimming costume.  Do not use a pad whilst swimming. It will lose its stickiness and become soggy, resulting in an uncomfortable day. Be sure to bring extra supplies to change your tampon once you’re dry.

Other period swimming myths include that your period blood will attract sharks and so forth. Firstly, you shouldn’t be swimming in shark infested waters to begin with, unless you’re safe and secondly, no, if you are wearing a tampon or menstrual cup correctly, you are at no more a risk of being attacked by a shark than other people.

Lastly, while on your period, don’t forget to keep hydrated! Drink plenty of water! Enjoy your holidays and don’t forget to get your Sheba products!


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