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3 things you need to know about Sheba’s period box, UMNIKELO!

Aug 19, 2022 | Menstrual Cup, Periods | 0 comments

This year we launched our very own period box called UMNIKELO. It’s a special, curated box filled with all the essentials you could possibly need to make your period experience more comfortable. Here are three things you should know about our period box:

1) Why the name ‘Umnikelo’?

When translated, Umnikelo means ‘the offering’. This period box is our offering to you, our community and supporters. Despite what way too many period adverts suggest, periods are not fun and most people don’t actually want to do anything while bleeding. We get this, so with our period box our intention is to make your period a little bit more bearable and comfortable for you.

2) Value for your money

We made sure that you get your money’s worth with our period boxes! Each box includes a travel pack of Sheba ultra-soft bamboo wipes, a pack of the 50 piece ultra-soft bamboo wipes and a box of 100% organic pantyliners.

3) You select the products that work for you

You can choose which products to add to your period box in addition to the wipes and pantyliners. We have three box types, the ultra-soft menstrual cup box where you can choose which menstrual cup you’d like to add to your box. We also have the tampon box, where you can select two boxes of tampons. Lastly, we have the pad box where you can choose two boxes of pads to add to your box.


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