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Why does your vagina sweat?

Mar 14, 2024 | Education, Health, Periods, Sexual Health | 0 comments

Okay, so the VAGINA itself doesn’t sweat because there are no sweat glands inside of the vagina. However, the vulva (the outside part of the vagina) does sweat.

The vulva has sweat glands called apocrine glands, which are the same sweat glands found in the armpits. The sweat from the groin area and the armpits is distinctly different to the sweat from the rest of the body, because a different type of sweat gland – called eccrine glands – control the sweat in other areas of the body.

The outside of the vagina (the vulva) and the labia majora has a very high concentration of apocrine glands, which means the groin area can get very sweaty when it’s hot. The sweat from the apocrine glands contain protein which is broken down by bacteria, and this creates an odour.

Excess sweat in and around the groin area can lead to itching, and possibly infections like bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. So, if you feel that you’re sweating so much that it becomes uncomfortable, make sure to shower /bath, or change into a fresh pair of underwear as soon as you can. Cotton underwear is always the best because it allows the vagina and the vulva to breathe, unlike other synthetic fabrics. Another option is to groom or remove your pubic hair so that the area doesn’t get as sweaty or uncomfortable.

If you’re going to the gym, make sure to always pack a fresh pair of underwear. Also, packing an extra pair of underwear for those extra hot summer days is a great idea!

Remember, sweating is completely normal and natural, even down there! If you’re ever concerned with the amount of sweat or the odour you can go to your doctor for a check-up, but as long as you’re making sure that your vulva and groin area doesn’t stay moist for too long, then you’re good to go! Also, our Bamboo Intimate Wet Wipes are a great way to freshen up down there. They’re 100% natural, safe and so easy to use on your delicate parts!


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