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What you need to know about the G-Spot

Feb 7, 2024 | Education, Health, Sex, Sexual Health | 0 comments

There’s so many misconceptions, myths and misinformation when it comes to the G-Spot. A lot of people, if not most don’t really understand what it is or where it is. Some people believe it’s a myth and doesn’t exist at all, while others have experienced G-spot stimulation, while some find it confusing and hard to understand. No matter what your take on the G-spot is after reading this blog post you’ll have a much better understanding of it!

What is the G-spot?

It’s an area of the vagina that can trigger intense sexual pleasure when stimulated properly. It’s known as the area that gives the most powerful orgasm compared to any other area or part of the vulva and vagina.

Does it actually exist?

The G-spot does actually exist, however from a 2020 study researchers weren’t able to agree on the exact location, size and nature of it. But, they did agree on its existence! Essentially it’s just an extension of the clitoris. Most of the clit is actually internal, so the G-spot is just stimulating the clit from another angle!

How to locate it?

It’s located 3cm – 6cm inside the vagina, along the inner front wall (or top wall if you’re on your back). For some it might be slightly higher up while for others it might be closer to the opening of the vagina. You can find it by using your fingers to explore the upper wall area of the vagina, by inserting a clean finger with your palm up, making a ‘come here’ motion. You can also experiment with sex toys or partnered sex. Some people might not feel any stimulation, while others might need to pee (because this area is so close to the urethra).


Ultimately, everyone’s body is different and everyone experiences pleasure differently. Not everyone with a vagina will necessarily have the ‘life-altering’ orgasm from stimulating the G-Spot area discussed above. If your G-spot isn’t there, that’s okay! At the end of the day sex is about fun, exploration and relaxation. Orgasms are always great, but they’re not the point of sex.



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