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3 types of non-penetrative sex you can have on your period

Feb 23, 2022 | Education, Periods, Reproductive Health, Sex, Sexual Health | 2 comments

In last week’s blog post we focused on how to prepare for period sex. This week, we’re highlighting the different types of non-penetrative sex you can have while menstruating. Penetrative sex refers to a penis or a sex toy being inserted into the vaginal canal, while non-penetrative refers to stimulation that doesn’t involve anything being inserted into the vagina. Below are a few other ways you can enjoy sex while on your period. Remember, just because it’s not penetrative sex doesn’t mean it’s not ‘real’ sex!

1.  Oral sex

Oral sex refers to stimulating someone’s vagina, anus or penis with your mouth and/or tongue. Oral sex can be a bit tricky when on your period, depending on how heavy your flow is as well as how comfortable you and your sexual partner are with it. But, if you’ve discussed things thoroughly such as concerns and boundaries like we mentioned in last week’s blog post, then it should be smooth sailing. Some people don’t mind it, while others might be more hesitant so communication is key. Protection is also very important with oral sex because although you can’t get pregnant, STDs can spread from mouth to genital contact and vice versa. Using a dental dam for any form of oral sex is always highly recommended especially when on your period, because the chances of getting an STD increases significantly.

2. Anal sex

Technically anal sex could be considered penetration, but for this post when referring to penetration we’re talking about penis or a sex toy in the vagina as mentioned before. Anal sex is when a penis or sex toy penetrates the rectum for stimulation. Again, protection is crucial and just because it’s not penetrating the vagina doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a condom. Anal play like using the fingers, mouth or a sex toy like butt plugs are options too.

3. Sex toys

Non-penetrative sex toys are excellent for solo sex while on your period or with a sexual partner. They can take off some of the pressure on you or your sexual partner too if you’re still getting comfortable with period sex. Just make sure to clean them properly before and after use.


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