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7 FAQ’s about CONDOMS!

Feb 29, 2024 | Education, Sex, Sexual Health | 0 comments

Unlock the ultimate guide to condoms and sexual health! Amidst the sea of confusion, let’s navigate through the essential truths about condoms, safeguarding both your well-being and pleasure. Condoms are great because they’re the ONLY form of contraception that can prevent the spread of STI’s, because of this condoms are known as a form of barrier protection.

However, condoms are not 100% full-proof when it comes to pregnancy prevention. So, using condoms in conjunction with other forms of birth control is the best way to protect against unplanned pregnancy. Key tips to remember when using condoms include; don’t use expired condoms, don’t open the condom wrapper with your teeth or a scissor – use your hands, always store condoms in a cool, dry place, never re-use a condom and don’t flush them in the toilet – instead throw them away! Let’s get started, we’re answering 7 common frequently asked questions about condoms below:

1) Demystifying Condom Types:
Discover the two primary types: external and internal condoms. External condoms, known as ‘male’ condoms, envelop the erect penis, while internal condoms, termed ‘female’ condoms, are inserted into the vagina. PS: External condoms double up as protection for sex toys!

2) Latex vs. Alternatives:
While latex reigns supreme in condom materials, alternatives like polyurethane and lambskin cater to diverse needs. However, note that lambskin doesn’t shield against STIs.

3) Lubrication 101:
The golden rule? Always opt for lube! Elevating both safety and pleasure, choose water or silicone-based lubes for latex condoms. Steer clear of oil-based options like vaseline or massage oils to avoid compromising condom integrity.

4) The Double Condom Dilemma:
Resist the urge to double up on condoms! Contrary to popular belief, layering condoms heightens the risk of breakage. Opt for a condom paired with another contraceptive method for optimal protection.

5) Mastering Condom Application:
For external condoms, slide it onto the erect penis, ensuring a snug fit. After use, dispose of it promptly. Internal condoms? Insert the inner ring into the vagina, positioning it securely while leaving the outer ring outside. Comfort and correctness are key!

6) Decoding Flavoured Condoms:
Indulge in flavored condoms for oral sex, but exercise caution during penetration due to potential irritants in artificial scents and flavorings.

7) Handling Condom Mishaps:
In the event of a condom mishap, stop sex immediately. Seek emergency contraception ASAP to address any unplanned outcomes.

Empower yourself with knowledge and prioritise your sexual health journey. Let’s embark on a safer, more informed path together!









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