5 ways to prep for period sex

So you’ve decided to go ahead and have period sex, a round of applause to you! For some it’s a very easy decision to make, while for others it might not be. If you’re still deciding (take as much time as you need), and if you’ve made up your mind and said YES here are a few tips to help get you ready and feeling confident. If you’d like to know more about the pros and cons of period sex click here.

1. Get into the right mental and emotional space first

So much of sex revolves being in the right space mentally and emotionally. Have you ever tried to have sex when your mental health has taken a turn for the worse or when you’re just not coping emotionally? – It does not work. Especially with period sex (and if you’ve never done it before) you need to make sure you’re in a healthy and balanced mental and emotional space. Otherwise, this could add so much more unnecessary stress and anxiety to the situation. If you are struggling, it’s best to wait till you feel like yourself again even if that means waiting till your next period.

2. Communicate honestly and openly with your sexual partner(s)

Ever heard of the phrase “great sex comes to those who communicate”? Well, it is 100% true! When it comes to period sex, whether you or your sexual partner(s) are the ones to initiate the conversation, it’s important to communicate as openly as possible with each other about it. It’s definitely not something that you want to randomly spring upon someone without discussing it first. Discussing things like positions, the type of sex you’ll have, each others boundaries, aftercare, cleanup, concerns etc will ensure that you’re on the same page and that everyone feels safe, comfortable and nurtured throughout. PS. If anyone shames you for wanting to have sex on your period, they don’t deserve to be having sex with you!

3. Don’t forget to remove any menstrual products

If you’re using a tampon or menstrual cup and planning on having penetrative sex they need to be removed. If you’re not going to have penetrative sex you can keep the tampon or cup inserted if you want. This works for oral sex that only involves the vulva. You can also keep menstrual products in for other non-penetrative forms of sex which can include using sex toys or fingering.

4. Make sure you know your sexual partner’s status

In our blog post last week, discussing the pros and cons of period sex we mentioned that STDs can be transmitted a lot easier when someone is menstruating. So, if you have one sexual partner and are in a monogamous relationship and you know their status as well as your own then your risk of spreading or getting an STD is low. However, if you’re in a polyamorous relationship or if you have multiple sexual partners it’s best to use some form of barrier protection like a condom to prevent the spread of STDs. Using birth control is also highly recommended because it’s still possible to get pregnant while on your period.

5. Create a cozy and safe environment

Sex is all about expression and having fun (amongst other things). As long as you’re having fun, being responsible and feel safe enough to be vulnerable especially while bleeding, then that’s a great recipe for a fulfilling sexual experience! If you’re planning on having sex in the bedroom you can lay out a towel or some old sheets and keep our Biodegradable Intimate Wet Wipes on hand just in case. Some people opt for the shower instead as the water pressure can slow down the blood flow, but also because it’s just a lot more convenient.