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created for menstruators, by menstruators

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Have you ever wondered what’s in your sanitary products? Has your period ever crept up on you? If so, then Sheba is for you.

Many feminine hygiene brands promote their products as cotton, but are they really made from cotton? NO. Most of them are made from synthetic fibers. What does this mean for you as a menstruator? It means that your products are filled with toxic chemicals, such as rayon and dioxin! They are not sustainable and they are harmful to your body. Our product is 100% organic cotton, WITH AN INGREDIENT LABEL. We believe that menstruators deserve to know what it is they are putting in their bodies.


At Sheba Feminine Hygiene we are menstruators, we therefore know what menstruators need. We do not  attempt to force you to love your period, because lets be honest, who could love period pains, the worry of soiling their pants and so forth? We make periods more comfortable! That’s why we offer delivery! Your period may not be enjoyable and sometimes even gross, there are ways to take care of yourself without being forced to enjoy it. We just want to make it more comfortable, healthier and socially and environmentally conscious.

Sometimes our periods creep up on us and we’re stuck in bathroom stalls forced to call a friend on the other side of town, or roll our own pads with toilet paper. And sometimes going to the local store is too much physical anxiety or its embarrassing. Sheba says no more of this! Let us deliver to you organic cotton, biodegradable day and night pads, pantyliners and tampons. We are menstruators and we are here for you. Let’s begin the feminine revolution!

Sheba is not simply about feminine hygiene. It is about the construct of periods and femininity. We at Sheba want to normalise dialogue around periods specifically and instead of it being a taboo, we want these lived experiences to be mainstream. More than half the world’s population will likely experience a period in their lifetime, so then why is this normal, natural process shamed?


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